Bunya process

Bunya is a highly secure framework that provides the means to control and secure Android tablets deployed within an organisation. In a nutshell, authorised administrators can designate the users that may utilise tablets and the applications that they may operate on those devices, automatically and transparently installing and removing applications to/from the tablets as required.

Bunya consists of two major components, Bunya Server and Bunya Client. The Server component hosts information on users, tablets, security policies and the applications users are authorised to operate. Bunya (Hyderu) logo

GoTek with its partner Hyderu(Europe), offers Bunya Server hosted in the Cloud, relieving you of the need to deploy and maintain your own server infrastructure without sacrificing security or availability with 99.999999% uptime.

Bunya Cloud enables administrators to provision, update, monitor and control your entire business solution to manage your tablets without the need to design, install, update and assure availability of the server component. Bunya Cloud supports the most cost-effective, true 24x7 operation assuring your staff access, no matter where they are in the world.